Elias Pettersson

Game Programmer

Welcome to my portfolio! 

I'm a game programming student with a focus on gameplay, animation and graphics. Always up for a challenge and excited to showcase my work.

Animation Texture

Scalable FPS



Suggestions for Improvements

Animation Layers and Filters

Shadow Map Atlas

Blood Splatter

Game Juice

Weapons with PhysX

GPU and CPU profiling

Collision System

Frustum Culling


Ability Queueing

Animation Interpolation

Scene Grid

Collision Grid


Dialogue System

Audio Triggers

Settings Menu

Camera Controller

Hover Component


Particle Effects

Memory Leak Fixes


Scripted Event Parser

Level Import

Trains, Wagons and Bezier Curves

Win and Lose States

Unity Mobile Game

Unity Game

Various Mechanics

Project 8

Made in Unreal 5.1.1, Coming in June 2023. Wow such project.